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Genuine Mistake is a platform for experts from around the world to allow them to showcase their talents and knowledge, creating opportunities for connection with learners and businesses to develop interactive learning environments.

Answer and ask questions here

Answering the questions in the forum helps you get more exposure. You can also make topics and ask questions about the mining industry in the forum.

Find mining companies here

Here you can find the mining companies that are registered at GenuineMistake.

Expert and prospectors

  • Can make a profile
  • Can find learners and companies
  • Can message others
  • Can make groups
  • Can create topics and answer questions in the forum
  • Can follow and subscribe to companies
  • Can make connections

Additional Paid Features:

  • Video calls
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Set prices for consultancy and other projects
  • Can exhibit their project
  • Can exhibit their work

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