Mining Companies

Find Junior mine explorers and experts!

All year-round exploring exhibitions. Access to mining experts all over the world.

GenuineMistake is a place for Junior mine explorers, prospectors, and major mining companies to meet. Junior explorers from all over the world will exhibit and introduce their projects here!

GenuineMistake gives access to mining companies to have access to mining experts around the world!

Junior Mining Explorers projects

Here you can have access to the junior explorer’s projects and exhibitions.

Find experts around the world

Here you can find the experts in the mining industry. You can find them, contact them and engage them with your projects.

Business (Subscription)

  • Can make a company/business profile
  • Can find experts and prospectors
  • Can message others
  • Can make groups
  • Can create topics and ask questions in the forum
  • Can follow and subscribe to others
  • Can make connections
  • Verified company tag
  • Go to exhibition
  • Video calls
  • Virtual whiteboard

Additional Paid Features:

Virtual interview room with offered experts from GenuineMistake

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