Genuine Mistake is a place for mining exhibitions, explorers, experts and major companies.

Mining Junior explorers and prospectors can exhibit their project.

Major Mining Companies can find new projects and connect with the explorers and prospectors.

Mining Experts can present themselves and share their knowledge. In other words, they can exhibit their profile and their expertise.

Mining Companies can find the Mining experts and connect with them.

People who would like to learn a special skill or have a small question and are looking for some expert in the field to help them. At Genuine Mistake, you can find out about people’s experiences and expertise. And if you would like to be connected with them please register yourself as a learner here.

Businesses looking for an expert in a specific field or area. They can find experts here. They can have a look at their performance and knowledge at the forum, where they answer learners’ questions. Or they can look at the experts’ profiles and find useful information that the expert has shared. And eventually, if they were a good match, they can connect and talk to each other.

Mining forum is a place where both experts and learners can find their desired topics, and ask or answer any questions there. Experts and learners do not need to be registered to be able to participate in the forums. However, if they are registered, they will get ratings and points for helping the community. As a result, the experts might be able to find more learners and learners might be able to get connected with more suitable experts. In addition, the expert will receive more exposure by answering questions and getting rated.

Account verification

You can also apply for your account to be verified by GenuineMistake. Then GenuineMistake will evaluate your case and maybe wants some documents to verify your account.

What does a verified account mean?

For an Expert : a verified account for an expert means that the expert is approved by GenuineMistake to be excellent in the area of expertise that they have claimed on their profile.

For a Company : a verified account for a company means that GenuineMistake has registered them as a company and they are a real entity.

In your profile

You have access to:

  • Exhibition: You can exhibit your project and you can comment on other projects.
  • Forums: You can make a topic, answer or ask a question.
  • Comments: You can comment on other people’s profiles and projects. Other people can comment on your profile and your projects, too.
  • Messages: You can privately message someone and receive a private message from someone.
  • Reviews: People can review your work and you can review theirs.
  • Notes: You can write notes and give special people access to read them.
  • Groups: You can make groups and join groups.
  • etc.

If you are registered and logged in you can find your profile here.

At GenuineMistake You can make your own group with your own people! In other words, make your own tribe.