We are deciding every moment!

How to make good decisions? When we have a moment to make a big decision, we are not making that decision at that moment. But we are using the accumulation of all the information in our heads to make that decision. This means that the decision has been made before, we are just bringing it out of our brains!


Sometimes we think that decisions are only big ones like which field do I study in? Which country do I live in? Who do I get married to?

But I think those decisions don’t consist of a single decision and a simple answer! The “big decision” is composed of many small decisions that we make and which lead us to this current moment. And the decisions that we are making are based on many factors that influence our lives, like upbringing, the books that we read, the movies that we watched, the people that surround us, the experiences that we have had, and many other reasons.

I don’t think when a “big decision” is being made, it has been made overnight or over a week, or even over a year. I think we make our decisions based on the tiny decisions that we made before and of course the situations that we have been in. Even random situations, I don’t believe they are random and I think they have been made for us based on all the other actions and decisions we have made before.

For instance, I think the movie I watched last night and the social media I looked at just before this article are affecting every word of this article. And those are being conveyed to you as a reader.

Everything is in flow. It is like there is this energy that is flowing from one person to another. The movie I watched is probably the accumulation of energies of the directors, actors, and whoever has been involved in it.

Even when I look at a painting or a logo or a symbol, I think that goes into my inner self and stays there. Every moment, every step, every thought is saved. Nothing is missed by our minds!

I think to make better decisions and as a result, to have a better life, we need to be more observant and conscious of all our surroundings and experiences. What do we look at, who we are spending our time with, where we are going, which books we are reading and so many other factors that you could think of? So, in other words, we need to be more aware!

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