My Genuine Mistakes!

Making mistakes is not always bad. We are learning by making mistakes. If no one was trying if no one was making mistakes, how would human beings evolute? I’m not saying we must make many mistakes intentionally. But I am saying when we make mistakes, we can look at them from a different perspective!

my genuine mistakes

I am Mania and I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I used to regret my mistakes and whish I never made them. Whenever I made a mistake, I always wished someone was there and would have told me how to do it correctly. If that were the case I wouldn’t have had to learn things by trial and error. Although trail and error sometimes did lead to the right solution, it wasn’t always the best way or most effective way of learning something.

After all these years of trying and making mistakes, I realised that making a mistake is not a bad thing. Because you will learn and you will progress. But what if that mistake has been made by someone else or even a large group of people? What if I had access to a big pool of experts and potential mentors with whom I could talk to whenever I was confused?

After teaching mathematics and physics, I felt that often students were stuck on their maths or physics problems because there was no one to answer their questions when they were doing homework. They were waiting for me each week to see them and tell them what tiny mistake didn’t let them go ahead. As you might expect, if you are repeatly getting stuck on problems, this would be quite frustrating. Some of my students lost their confidence and motivation to advance their knowledge and skills effectively.

Every time, I was hoping there was a platform that not only would allow my students to connect with me and each other, to ask small questions; but also anyone in the world could connect with experts from a range of fields and industries to help people learn and progress.

I started Genuine Mistake in 2017 hoping to connect students with tutors at a local level. In 2022, I felt the need for Genuine Mistake to tackle this problem on a larger scale and I decided to make the website myself.

Dear experts, if you are an expert in a particular field, topic, industry etc. and would like to help people learn, please register and help our learners.

Dear learners, if you are struggling with any topics or have any questions throughout your learning process, please feel free to register and find an expert that could help you. Please let other learner to know that they can find experts here too.

Dear guests, if you like to read some of the topics and questions, please have a look at the forum and news feed pages.

I am so eager and excited about this learning and connection platform. I love Genuine Mistake and I present it to you with love.

I hope everyone can benefit from Genuine Mistake.

Not sure how Genuine Mistake works?

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