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I don’t believe in pushing yourself to learn or pushing yourself to do something. I believe in love and motivation. When you love something the motivation will come next. So, how to motivate yourself or others?

Since we are not living in a binary world, the performance might not be 100% but it can get very close to that. It means that we may still need some push but the bigger portion should be love and motivation.


Is learning interesting? Is education interesting?

Is learning interesting?

Is education interesting?

If it is, why are we struggling sometimes?

I studied at university for almost 10 years and have been teaching different topics for about 7 years. During all these years, there have been days that I was struggling with learning or teaching. I have seen my students struggle sometimes. I think everyone has days where they don’t want to do anything or they don’t have the motivation to learn anything. On the other hand, there are some people who are more motivated than others. I have thought about this over and over and tested different methods on myself and my students.

What I learned was, that the days that I am motivated, I learn more and easily. Or when I am able to motivate my students, they learn better and struggle less. But the big question is “How to get myself or others motivated?”.

I found a few factors that are important in getting yourself and others motivated. Firstly, getting yourself motivated:

  • Being happy and joyful: I learned the days that I am happier, from the inside not outside, I get more work done. I am more motivated and I love to learn more. There are many factors that are involved in being happy but the less the inner conflict the happier one can be.
  • Do what you love: I think there is an inner compass in everyone that tells them which direction to go to. But to read the compass one should be really in touch with their inner self and true self. The more one is aware, the more they can hear the inner voice and the closer they can be to their true destination. And that leads to the next factor which is;
  • Inner peace: Where can you focus more? In a quiet library or in a busy street? This is the case inside one’s mind, too. The emptier our mind is (of undesired thoughts), the more focused one can be and as a result the better the learning process and the more motivated they are towards learning.
  • Outer factors: Although our minds are so important in the learning process, we cannot ignore our physical bodies. Enough sleep, exercise, and diet, as we all know are important factors in being motivated and the learning process.

Now let’s talk about the group. Most of the time, especially in schools and universities, the learning process is often happening in a group. And the leader or the facilitator is the one who can make the environment and education interesting so that as a result most of the learners are more engaged and motivated about learning.

How can a leader/facilitator get the learners motivated? during the years that I was teaching I learned lessons that might help you in getting your learners motivated, too:

  • Motivate yourself first: If one is hardly motivated about a topic or teaching, then the chances are they are unable to get their audience motivated, either.
  • Let learners discover themselves: A facilitator or a teacher is there to guide learners, not to tell them what to do. The learners should be free to learn in their own ways. They should be given freedom plus the opportunity to learn. They should be given space to learn. They should be given safety to learn. Most of the time, when the learner has all of these elements in their learning environment they feel they have been given respect as leaner and human being, they become motivated to learn and they work harder to get the results. But there is a point here. Making this environment by a facilitator takes time. First, the facilitator needs to create such an environment and secondly, the facilitator needs to gain the trust of the learner and make them feel safe.
  • Manage: Now that the environment is ready and everyone is moving towards the same goals, the facilitator should be able to manage the flow to go in the right direction. There should be a path in the facilitator’s mind or plans. They should be there for the learner to help them and keep them on track.

There are, of course, a lot of others factors involved and there are always ways to motivate and educate more interestingly. These were a few that I would love to share with you.

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